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Friday, January 28, 2011

Q-KON with VSAT technologies launch of the que-X satellite access service

Q-KON is an engineering house that offers end-to-end wireless and satellite networks and VOIP solutions that combine technology, engineering and innovation to create unique solutions for challenging requirements to unlock real business benefits for all.The main benefits to business include Internet connection that is optimised for the business market, eight usable public IP address included (more available upon request), VPN ready for corporate networks, customer IP network support available to ensure end-to-end performance and real-time engineering support ensured by Q-KON's experienced NOC and engineering teams.

With more than 200Mbps from 6 Teleports over seven satellites using five different VSAT technologies, combined with engineering expertise, Q-KON has repeatedly delivered innovative wireless and satellite solutions to meet the demanding business and user needs of the emerging African markets.Q-KON, a South African-based provider of turnkey solutions covering specialist areas of telecommunications and ICT, has announced the launch of the que-X satellite access service to the South Africa and Africa market.que-X is a Business Satellite Access Service that is optimised to provide a two-way communication circuit from an on-premise earth station at the customer remote site to a teleport facility in Midrand, South Africa.

The service is targeted at South African companies with remote branches, even those with one or two remote stations, who want to get reliable data and Internet connectivity without having to incur major infrastructure costs.que-X is a multidimensional satellite access platform defined as “Satellite4”. The platform incorporates four different satellite technology dimensions or elements to collectively offer the most flexible and advance service option to the market.

These elements are two VSAT hub architectures and two communication satellites. It also incorporates an iDirect star access solution, an advanced SkyWAN Xwarp platform, Ku-Band access using Hellas-Sat HS2 and C-Band access using Arabsat 5A. Hellas-Sat provides Ku-Band satellite communication services throughout southern Africa, and Arabsat is used to provide C-Band services throughout Africa.

From the teleport, the access circuit is connected to the customer's hosted equipment in the Tier 4 Data Centre or backhauled to the customer's SA premises via terrestrial links.Management at Q-KON is keen to alert the growing satellite communication and platform technology market space to the advantages of que-X.

The satellite-based systems of this service are not affected by cable theft and can be relocated if and when requirements change. The implementation time of satellite-based systems are much quicker than other solutions, and there is flexibility in terms of quickly upgrading bandwidth and contention ratios when demand exceeds the current service offered.

As part of its growth strategy going forward, Q-KON is highlighting the value component of this offering, which is reflected by a product pricing structure that includes e-mail and phone support, a one-year warranty on hardware and 12/24 months of bandwidth contracts.The company also provides for local VSAT Platform Engineers available for pre-sales support, telephone support and e-mail support. Also included is large stockholding of VSAT terminal equipment.

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