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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

D-Link DPH-540: First Flip-Style Wi-Fi Phone

D-Link showcased the industry's first flip-style mobile Wi-Fi phone that includes a complete softphone from TelTel for SIP-based Internet telephony, enabling users to make free calls whenever they enter a Wi-Fi hotspot.

The phone, dubbed DPH-540, looks like any cell phone but is not compatible with GSM/CDMA networks. For a Wi-Fi phone, it's pretty lightweight and compact, at just 3.74 ounces. Adorning the internals is a backlit color LCD, as well as a backlit keypad for easy readability.

One of the biggest advantages of using such a phone is that you don't have to be in front of a PC to make/receive calls. Moreover, the phone interface is easier to operate than a PC. Other featuers of the phone include standard speed dial, multiple ringtones, e-mail access and volume control.

What's more, calls to TelTel users across the world are free. You won't need a bigger incentive than this to opt for a Wi-Fi phone. Of course, the problem is, it may turn out to be expensive for local calls to fixed-line phones - which means you will end up carrying another phone with you.

On display at the Sprint Voice Over Network (VON) Conference and Exhibition at the San Jose Convention Center till March 17, the D-Link DPH-540 carries a price tag of US $250 and will be available this summer.

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Make the VoIP Calls With Skype and dw7740

VoIP router dw 7740 is the latest addition to Direcway family of high performance satellite broadband routers. Introduced at the Satellite 2006 conference and exhibition, the DW7740 features two Voice over IP (VoIP) ports combined with two broadband LAN ports, enabling international service operators to deliver a flexible range of voice and high-speed data services from a single, compact, integrated platform.

The DW7740, part of HNS'
DW7000 family, is a high-performance broadband satellite router with Voice over IP (VoIP) designed to provide both integrated VoIP capabilities, as well as high-speed access for the large enterprise, government, and small/medium enterprise (SME) markets.

skype with dw7740Customers have been asking for more cost-effective rural telephony, e-governance, and kiosk-based services. The
DW7740 is in response to that demand. It operates with all DW systems and supports simultaneous voice and high-speed data applications from one integrated and cost-effective platform, making it ideal in rural and remote settings.