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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sealink services from Marlink on SONGA ECLIPSE

Marlink, the global provider of maritime satellite communications, has recently signed a new contract with offshore drilling specialist, Songa Offshore(Norwegian-Cypriot drilling contractor). As part of the new agreement Marlink will deliver and install its Sealink C-band VSAT services on Songa’s semi-submersible rigs including SONGA ECLIPSE, a 6th generation Friede & Goldman ExD ultra deep-water rig, providing each drilling rig with 1024 Kbps bandwidth to support a range of business critical applications. Songa is expected to benefit from Marlink's satellite communications and network services, including VoIP telephony for local dialling tones, specialised networking aboard each rig, email and storage solutions and desktop support.Through their close collaboration with Viking Innovations, they are able to develop satellite communications and IT service packages which best fit the needs of customers such as Songa Offshore, to fully support the digital oilfield.

Marlink’s extensive product range for the oil rig and offshore industry includes its own regional, multi-regional and global Ku-band and C-band Maritime VSAT systems SEAdirect, WaveCall and Sealink, as well as on-demand services such as Inmarsat FleetBroadband, Iridium and Thuraya. The maritime satellite communications provider has also established regional customer service facilities in major regions of the world, supporting its global customer base. Marlink also provides remote control capabilities for vessel operations, improving safety in difficult conditions. Since an emergency at sea can be uniquely challenging, Marlink provides an added level of security in even the most hazardous circumstances.

Sealink is Marlink’s full service solution offering high quality always-on voice, Internet access and Local Area Network (LAN) communications at a fixed monthly price. The core focus of Sealink is to provide high quality, cost-efficient company internal telephony, PSTN telephone, GSM carrier services and administrative vessel-to-shore LAN-LAN services as well as email and Internet services, to enable a powerful connection with shore operations.Sealink can be tailored to meet customers’ specific requirements, with bandwidth customized to include a dedicated Quality of Service (QoS) and bit rate at several Mbps. Sealink can be tailored to meet customers’ specific requirements, with services for crew welfare and passengers, contractors, partners or clients. Bandwidth is also customized to include a dedicated Quality of Service (QoS) and specified bit rate, appropriate to your needs.

The service includes the provision of equipment, satellite space segment, teleport services and terrestrial connectivity, an end-to-end service guarantee.Marlink provides regional support with regional knowledge on a global basis, meaning wherever you are in the world, regardless of what time or day, an expert customer support representative is ready to help you when you need it.On-board system installation, training, fault correction and periodic preventive maintenance are provided as part of the service by Marlink’s own personnel. Field engineers, equipment and spare parts are available from service depots worldwide, enabling us to offer quality parts or a call-out service at short notice across the globe.

Internet access is provided to Sealink customers through high quality broadband access and can be tailored to the customer’s requirements. Options include prioritised bandwidth, fixed IP, VPN, restricted Internet with content filtering or a prepaid card system. Transmission rates from 64 Kbps up to 8 Mbps are available for always-on voice, Internet access and LAN-to-LAN services.Sealink telephone lines are connected to a Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) making calling a vessel as simple as calling a terrestrial fixed line. Calls to the customer’s on-shore headquarters are made simple via the on-board telephone systems’ direct connections and the call cost is included in the lease of the service.

Sealink provides regional, multi-regional and global coverage using C- and Ku-band space segments or Ku-band and C-band solutions can be combined in order to meet specific customer demands and optimise cost efficiency. A range of Value Added Services are available from Marlink that have been custom designed to complement and further enhance the Sealink service. Since we monitor the system around the clock, problems are often pinpointed and diagnosed before the vessel is aware that a problem was on the rise. In many cases, faults discovered on-board can be rectified from shore using the existing infrastructure. Rather than having to swallow the cost of sending a service engineer to the vessel due to a breakdown or failure, the company saves on travel expenses, daily wages of a service engineer and - in the worst case scenario - a helicopter lease.

Using Remote Diagnostics, you can monitor and access the on-board systems from shore for:
• Integrated Automation Control

Highly advanced Dynamic Positioning process LAN can keep a large shuttle tanker positioned almost as if anchored up. This important when accurate positioning is a must - even in rough weather.Remote diagnostics is a powerful service that allows you to foresee potential problems and address them before they become unpleasant and costly surprises.

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

F4W's Increases VoIP Connections via Satellite and Cellular by 500%

F4W, Inc. (F4W), a software development company focused on delivering simple, encrypted, interoperable and affordable communications solutions, announced a radical change in the way VoIP performs over low bandwidth or high latency (delay) connections, such as cellular or satellite.

A tremendous barrier to accessing the power and flexibility of VoIP during a disaster event or in remote locations is the inability of traditional VoIP to connect and sustain a connection over a satellite or 3G / 4G cellular data connection due to the high latency of those types of networks. Add security concerns via the implementation of third-party devices and the ability to support a full-scale operation with VoIP becomes impossible.

However, all that has changed with F4W's Core technology. This software revolutionizes the use of VoIP, allowing for 10, 20, 30 or more simultaneous voice calls with no degradation in quality over any available network connection. Furthermore, F4W's Core technology is entirely secure, adding no burden to the call or requiring no additional hardware or software to implement.

"This is a critical step forward in unified communications; this latest version of the Core VoIP software makes VoIP over disparate network types transparent and efficient. The ability to encrypt the conversations, as well as provide network access across any type of IP network, makes the Core VoIP software essential for any organization in need of resilient and secure communications," said Keith Money, COO of F4W.

"Bar none, our technology outperforms anyone in the marketplace. It is our technology, our software that sets us apart. Set our products up and use them next to anyone else and I promise, you will walk away impressed and wondering why you do not have one of our solutions at your disposal," said Harry Timmons, president of F4W.

F4W's technology has been developed from years of real-world, in-the-field emergency response experience, whether with a system or side-by-side with a customer, F4W has participated in every major event in the past six years.

F4W is a communications company focused on developing simple, encrypted, flexible, interoperable and affordable communications solutions. In doing so, F4W has invented new products and solutions that reduce the cost of communications, enabling them to provide feature-rich benefits to both private and public organizations that could not afford or operate comparable solutions.

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